Siri Madeleine

Siri Madeleine Nordahl Hanssen (b.1971, Oslo), goes by the stage name Siri Madeleine, and studies at Kragerø Art School. She has a basic graphic education, with a certificate in prepress. She has always had creativity, a passion for colors and the visual, but it is only in the last couple of years that she has worked with art, in the form of abstract acrylic paint on canvas.

She gets inspiration from the colors that surround us. Blue. from the clear strong deep blue-green turquoise tones of the Mediterranean. It is clear that turquoise is a color she loves, as it often runs through her work like a red thread. In addition to the turquoise stones, we find a lot of structure in the paintings. She uses techniques with trowel, knife, tissue paper, handmade paper, water and flow technique.

In addition to painting, she works with many different expressions, methods and techniques through art forms such as photography, video, graphic design, drawing, ceramics and printing.

Instagram; #art_by_sirimadeleine and Facebook; @Art by Siri Madeleine


2022 Salgsutstilling - Jomfrulandsutstillingen

2022 Salgsutstilling - Skåtøy Kafé, Skåtøy

2021 Salgsutstilling - Skåtøy Kafé, Skåtøy

2021 Salgsutstilling - Stråholmen

2021 Salgsutstillingutstilling - Kragerø

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